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How to become a good reader : Steps to follow

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How to become a good reader : Steps to follow

How to become a good reader : Steps to follow

Effective book reading is a key skill to study as an active reader. Many people find that reading a book helps them unwind and enlightens their thinking. In order to succeed in the professional world, it is essential to learn and develop the best reading skills.

Another interesting fact about a reader’s eye movement is that. If you record the eye movements of a reader, you will notice that, from time to time, the reader goes back and revisits something they have read before. In other words, they go back to the previous part, perhaps realizing that they didn’t fully understand the chapter. After then, the reader resumes reading where they left off. Regression was once considered a defect, but in fact it is a very important activity for a good reader. Thus, it is important to be proficient in order to read well.

If you want to be able to read books fast, the secret is to practice only under timed conditions and serenity. That means you should give yourself a certain amount of time to read with proper comprehension, then check your time whether you have finished.

Follow these easy steps to get on your way to be a good reader

Effective reading techniques

Don’t study books while lying on the bed as it takes you to the state of sleepiness and eventually to the realm of sleepiness when you study.

It would be a good idea if you can maintain a daily routine to evenly distribute the 5 minutes of your day for effective reading. Use an alarm clock to help you manage your time effectively. Turn off your phone and other distracting devices to stop receiving unwanted texts and notifications while reading. Memorize the main points of a topic rather than the entire lesson, and mark these points in a notebook so that you can revisit them as needed in the future.

Measure your reading speed over time, and then compare it to the speed of other readers. If you were a slow reader, start taking notes; This will strengthen your willpower and connect books with your brain. Fortunately, there are still many techniques to speed up reading.

When you’re having trouble understanding a topic, avoid using Google; Consider using a dictionary and getting manual help from your teachers. Your entire mental reading schedule gets distracted when you use Google in between. When you decide to study a book, be sure to read reviews and summaries to motivate yourself along with its validity and related news. Your inner desire to read more effectively will prevail.

Select a book that you are really interested in studying and your favorite author. Try to keep an even sleeping pattern that even influences your capacity to read anything (regularly go to bed and wake up at the same time). Aim for an 8-hour sleep cycle. Getting enough sleep aids in focus, which includes reading.

If you are reading a book or a novel, try to start from the front rather than the back or in the middle. It will kill all of your motivation to finish the book, I promise.  For example, what if you knew that the protagonist of the movie Titanic would die before watching the movie? So, try to do it in patterns.

Last but not least, make your reading fun, drink or eat some healthy food while you read; It will keep your interest.

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