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Foresee Aviation is known for its prowess in providing an efficient and flexible means of utilizing the benefits of private jet charter without the high cost and commitment of direct ownership, fractional programs or jet cards. Specializing in on-demand private jet and corporate jet charters, Foresee Aviation was established to provide unparalleled service to business and leisure travelers. Founded by an accomplished leadership and managed by the proficient & experienced professionals, it has carved a niche for itself soon after its launch and today is a strong player in the Indian Aviation Industry.

Company Overview

Foresee Aviation, a Private Aircraft and Helicopter Charter Company founded in 2011, specializes in Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Sales and Purchase, Bulk Hour Sales and Meet & Greet services. Each vertical of the company is managed by the experts from the respective field. Foresee Aviation also offers Aircraft Maintenance and Management programs for the jet owners seeking to maximize the use of their aircraft while reducing their operational costs.

Foresee Aviation has one of the largest fleets of rich, lavish and luxurious aircrafts. The advanced jet tracking technology of Foresee Aviation enables them to offer the most suitable aircraft as per the client’s requirement with as little as four hours notice, whether within the country or anywhere in the world. The team at Foresee Aviation values time and understands its worth for their clients as well. Keeping the same in mind, Foresee Aviation offers simple and quick process for both online and offline booking.

A trusted provider of aviation services to MNCs, small and mid-size organizations, government departments, FITs, FTOs and leading travel agencies & tour operators, Foresee Aviation provides customized solution to all.

The team at Foresee Aviation provides flexible and the best of the services with a constant eye on safety and security of their distinguished clientele. They ensure that all the aircrafts owned by the company are maintained to the highest standard of safety and comfort. Pilot certifications and credentials, maintenance records, interior and exterior aesthetics are among the many factors that are strictly monitored and reviewed.

They keep a constant watch on the market trends and strategize accordingly. Very importantly, they ensure that they meet their clients and the industry experts and seek advice so that they are able to fine tune, if any, their strategies so that they are able to cater to their patrons in the best possible way.

They have the privilege of flying some of the best & most respected names in the corporate world like Suzlon, Vedanta, Bharat Forge, JK Cement, BOCI, ABIL and many more. As far as travel trade is concerned, they have been catering to almost all the renowned travel agencies & tour operators, apart from domestic and international Destination Management companies.

The Workings

Mr. Santosh K Sharma, Cofounder & CEO of Foresee Aviation, with Cofounder & Head – Charters, Ms. Ajuka Mahajan has been leading the company towards success and growth since its inception.

Mr. Sharma believes in leading an organization rather than managing it. Without forcing any opinions on the team members, they rather discuss the plans & strategies with them. For the founders, it is very important that they buy into the plans and walk the path with them. The team members are also given the opportunities to share their thoughts or business ideas to see if those can be built further.This, they believe, not only gives them a sense of responsibility but it also plays a crucial role in making them feel as an integral part of the company.

The philosophy of the company being “promise less, deliver more”, they not only keep in constant touch with their clients but also take their feedback, especially on how to make their services better. They make sure that the clients are offered the best aircraft at the most competitive price.

With technology taking over the entire business world, Foresee Aviation has not fallen behind it inculcating it into their workings either. In their Endeavour to be in the race they have appointed a technology company to advise them as to how they can incorporate various technology strategies for the company and for their upcoming projects. Foresee Aviations has plans to launch an app in a few days’ time, for making aircraft charter booking extremely easy and user friendly. Very importantly, this platform will give a transparent picture about aircraft availability & its commercial feasibility.

Technology is playing a crucial role in almost every business, and Foresee Aviation as an organization therefore has been continuously working towards integrating it in their systems.

When it comes to the workings of any company, the employees that are selected play an important role in keeping it going smoothly. At Foresee Aviation, they have an extremely strict policy as far as hiring of staff is concerned. They ensure that the staff are hired on the basis of their attitude, goals & vision in their life and also, for their urge to learn & deliver. They set up weekly & monthly targets for the working staff and monitor them. Also, they keep engaging them in some or the other training or workshops so that they are able to sharpen their skills, thus, adding to the overall efficiency & productivity of the organization.

Awards, Achievements and Future Goals

Foresee Aviation has achieved a number of milestones to amp up its credentials as one of the best Aircraft and Helicopter Charter companies based in India.

Some of these are:

Winner of Fast Growing 500 CEO Awards in 2017

Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards

Winner of Best Air Charter Company in North India by DDPL in 2017

Winner of Uttar Pradesh Brand Leadership Awards 2019

The immediate goal of Foresee Aviation is to increase their team strength, especially in the Sales & Marketing division. They are also looking at adding manpower in their international offices. The long-term goals of the company would be to get their Non-Schedule Operator Permit (NSOP) and induct at least two twin-engine jet aircraft and two helicopters. They also plan to expand their fleet subsequently.`

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