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AURAA was started in 2005 as an independent advertising agency to provide easy access to state-of-the-art Integrated Marketing Solutions. The pain point they had observed in the market was the need for clients to find a single solution provider who could take care of their advertising needs, events and exhibitions as well as their merchandising requirements. Dealing with multiple vendors for these requirements that may come up as part of a single project was a troublesome task. AURAA was formed to be the solution to this problem.

AURAA’s story revolves around thinking outside the box. The idea has always been simple; get operational efficiency into the business without affecting creativity. Over the years while they have continued to grow, they have always strived to do so in the most efficient manner. In the year 2010, AURAA added Merchandising as an offering to their clientele. With the passage of time they have added Digital Marketing as part of their offerings. In the year 2017, they forayed into the world of Brand Strategy Consultancy. The vision for this has been to use their experience and expertise from the Advertising field and integrate this with the creative output to help organisations to strengthen their brand.

Being a Boutique Agency, AURAA works with a maximum of 5 – 6 clients at any time. Their clients are spread across industries, including Banking and Finance, Automobile, Coal and Mining, Real Estate, Films, Consultancy and Outsourcing, FMCG, Food and Wine, Clothing and Apparel to name a few. The knowledge gained from across industries makes it possible for them to break the clutter in the market for their clients by providing solutions that are unique in the industry. Their clientele includes Axis Bank, Max Life Insurance, Vokswagen India, McNROE, Transerv Pvt. Ltd., Mccoy Architectural Systems, and Vintage Wines Pvt. Ltd. (Reveilo).

The ace entrepreneur, Mala Mody says, “Advertising is an ever-evolving market that changes with a blink of an eye. Our team ensures we stay on top of these evolutions and keep a keen eye on all innovations that happen in not only our industry, but affiliated industries too. This allows us to bring innovative solutions that can add value to our clients.”

Auraa Believes In ‘THE POWER OF HEARD’

The workforce is the centrifugal force of the organization, on which Mala states, “I believe in the ‘Power of the Heard.’ For us at AURAA, the employees have always been the strongest pillar of our organizational structure and will continue to do so.” When AURAA was started, the idea was to plan proper working hours (unheard in an agency life). This ensures women who have talent but can’t thrive in this industry due to time constraints, won’t have to give up on their potential. From gossip sessions to carrom tournaments, off sites to lunches and dinners together, AURAA always strives towards creating a culture where employees feel at home without having to preach them about it.


AURAA does not intend to create a team of 50, 60 or 100 people. The idea is to continue being a boutique agency of choice with innovation and unconventional solutions, being at the center of all that they do. They also continue to work towards servicing more clients as ‘Brand Strategy Consultants’. The objective is simple: They want to be a company that is trusted by all.

Apart from being accredited as one of the 10 most Promising Integrated Marketing Communication Companies in 2019,  AURAA is proud of the low attrition rate against the industry standards. They also take great pride in the fact that their clients stick with them and work with AURAA as partners rather than having a client-vendor relationship.

For the readers of the CEO Story, she has a message to deliver, “Follow your dreams, accept the criticism that comes your way, and learn from it. Enjoy the success that comes your way but never allow it to rule over your vision of where you want to be. And most importantly, remember, it is you who has helped your company reach where it is today, thanks to every person who has worked with you and contributed to your journey. Don’t forget their importance, and never lose yourself.”

The future is exciting and not conventional! Mala Mody

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